New Red Squirrel Nursery at Glendoick - Now Open

the red squirrel children's nursery



" The friendly and committed staff who obviously enjoy their job and the interactions with the children. "

- Barbara Mackie


" This is the first nursery that I have used and i can't tell you how impressed i am. The staff are just fantastic with endless enthusiasm and boundless energy, the management team extremely flexible and go out of their way to accommodate, all the staff know the children's names whether they are in their room or not, a huge choice of activities inside and outside, the atmosphere and welcome is great and you only have to look at the children to know that they love being there. We are about to move house and am very happy to get up a little earlier to drive that bit further! Thank you! "

- Iona Hopkins


" That all staff know our child's name The amount of time the children spend outdoors no matter what the weather. How loving and caring staff are towards our child i.e. I know if he wants a cuddle then staff would oblige. How accommodating you are with his dietary needs How well you manage medical needs The location and how you use the environment for learning "

- Zoe Whyte


" The staff are excellent and get to know your child really well. They are always friendly to all the children and welcome them all by name. "

- Keith Anderson


" SO MANY THINGS! I think the staff are absolutely fantastic. I love the wonderful warm smiley greeting we receive every day - this makes my child feel really welcome (I watch for the smile spreading across her face when she is first greeted), and really sets me up for the day too. I know that she will get lots of cuddles and affection, that she will get messy and have heaps of fun. I know that the staff talk to children in a lovely way, respecting them as little individuals and involving them in decisions without rushing them about too much. The activities on offer are excellent - I love that they get to spend so much time outside. The nursery outside play area is great, and the surrounding grounds offer so much in terms of things to see on walks, from the woods, the open grassy space, the fields, etc, and it also gives children the opportunity to learn about road safety in a relatively quiet place, meaning they can learn without being overwhelmed by zooming cars and buses. I love to see the little note about what she ate during the day, and feel so reassured to know that she is getting a very good diet of fresh food and lots of variety to explore different tastes (and to ensure that she is getting all the important nutrients she needs). I love that the kids can go and help choose fish from the fish van - I love that the meat is from a butchery and not just from Tescos. A lovely nursery full of lovely people. "

- Ashleigh Sinclair


" An outside play area - it is a huge benefit Extended opening hours from 7.30 am until 6.00pm, Monday - Friday (including Bank Holidays) - to give parents the greatest flexibility Car parking near the entrance to the nursery which helps make picking up/dropping the children to the nursery stress free Nutritious meals which are included at no extra charge and are freshly prepared and served daily by our qualified chef Caring and qualified staff who strive to ensure each child is happy, well cared for and fully supported as they grow and learn "

- Silvia Kucerova


" I feel that the location is ideal, the staff are brilliant and provide so much fun and care for all the children, the facilities are good, the variety of activities and the smiles on the children's faces says it all. "

- Iona Hopkins


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